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Wild OatsOn Kindle Countdown July 12-18!


Shunned by the citizens of Dead Dog, Oklahoma, Cora Briggs is shocked when she finds a fine young man like Jedwin Sparrow, eager to sow his wild oats, standing on her doorstep.

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SEALED WITH A KISS is now in audio!

Sealed with a Kiss-newestFrom the first moment she met her new Texas neighbor, Prudence Belmont was in love. When she was old enough for marriage, Gidry Chavis promptly presented her with an engagement ring, and all her dreams seemed to have come true. But the hell-raising Gidry disappeared before the wedding, leaving only a brief note in explanation.

My dear Miss Prudence, I have determined that it is best that we do not wed. Please forgive me and recall me with fondness.

Now Chavistown’s notorious favorite son is back, wiser, remorseful, sunbrowned and manly. Everyone in town has accepted his transformation to a hardworking town leader–all except Pru. After all, only a man with wicked thoughts could believe that she, the president of the Ladies’ Rose and Garden Society, would mail out racy postcards, and only a cad would demand bribes of kisses to keep quiet. If he thinks he can win her love again, he’s wrong. Or is he?

My only lover, I am ready to fulfill your every desire, if you will agree to grant my dearest wish…

Yours soon to be… Sealed with a Kiss

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Summer Deals on Kindle Countdown!

Amazing Kindle Countdown deals are coming your way this summer! How does Kindle Countdown work, you may ask? I’ll have the titles below on sale for just $0.99 on Amazon the first day or so and then the price slowly edges up as the week goes on. Here’s the schedule so you can know when to grab the best deals…

May 18-21   THE LOVE CHARM



June 7-10     GARTERS

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‘The Panty Raid’ is Now a Standalone Novella!

I often see stories with sales slogans that say, “Not your mother’s romance!” Usually this is meant to indicate a level of spiciness that would have scandalized previous generations. Although I do think that there is sufficient evidence to shockingly suggest that very good sex has been around for quite a long time.

My novella, newly re-issued this month, is not particularly shocking. It boasts a complete lack of nudity; though much, much discussion of underwear.

panty raid high resTHE PANTY RAID could actually be your mother’s romance. Or maybe even your grandmothers. Set at a state college in the fall of 1956, Dorothy Wilbur is in her senior year on scholarship. Looking toward her future, she’s always imagined herself doing scientific research. But in the America of the 1950s, a woman opting for a professional career is seen to be opting out of love, marriage and family.

The story is full of doo wop, poodle skirts and campus hijinks, but it also has a more serious component delving into the choices previous generations had to make and the restrictions imposed upon their dreams.

“We’ve come a long way” is not just a slogan. It is a literal truth. And not all of it has been pretty. I remember as a child hearing disparaging comments about my working mom. As well as digs against my dad suggesting her job meant he wasn’t a good provider. My parents blew it off and raised their daughters to go out and do something in the world. They believed our chances would be better.

Yet even for us it was far from a level playing field. One of my professors at college didn’t like having women declaring History as a major. He said, “Women have no head for history.” That kind of blanket statement would get him in trouble today. Back then, he got named Chair of the Department. They say things happen for a reason. He was the reason I changed my major from History to Library Science.

Ultimately, I finished my education, got into professional life and became upwardly mobile in my organization. My first board meeting as head of the library went so well. Everyone was pleased. When we stood to leave, ancient old Doctor X slapped me on the bottom and said, “Great job!”

Prior to that moment I’d thought he liked and respected me. So maybe it was more of the former and less of the latter.

Still, I was never a bra burner (seriously, I need mine!), nor did I challenge any glass ceilings. I went into Library Science, a “woman’s profession” and when I decided to become a writer, I deliberately chose the “pink collar ghetto” of romance publishing.

I can’t look back on my life and see one instance where I tore down the barricades or stormed the gates for women’s rights. But that does not mean I don’t comprehend how much I have benefited from those women who did.

I think you’ll find that reading The Panty Raid is fun. But I hope it also serves as a reminder that there were some very NOT GOOD things about the good old days.

Occasionally I hear women complaining about feminism and that “men don’t open doors anymore”. I just have to tell you that the door I want opened for our daughters and granddaughters is the one that opportunity knocks upon.

I hope you enjoy reading THE PANTY RAID: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo