Getting Respect as a Writer

Rita Awards

Getting Respect as a Writer (originally posted by RWA-WF. Read the article on RWA-WF) One of the things that always strikes me when talking to writers groups is the Rodney Dangerfield-ism of “I don’t get no respect.”  The unpublished feel dissed by the published.  E-writers feel dissed by … [Continue reading]

Picking Your Project: Part II

Pamela Morsi desk

Picking Your Project: Part II With my next book completed and revisions done, I’m waiting on the line edits and pondering what to do next. One of the questions that interviewers typically ask writers is, “Where do you get your ideas?”  Maybe you’re like me, I get ideas EVERYWHERE.  The morning … [Continue reading]

Picking Your Project: Part I

Pamela Morsi desk

I turned in my revisions a couple of weeks ago.  Now, as I wait on line edits to arrive, I’m beginning to think about what I might want to write … [Continue reading]

Bare With Me: Writer Going Commando

Writing by Pamela Morsi

Nothing succeeds like success. That axiom gets doled out through many disciplines. Once you become the CEO, the Oscar winner, the Olympic champion, … [Continue reading]